Chronic relapse rehab – Info

Substance or drug abuse is repeated use of some substance that is not only harmful but lethal also. It is use of illicit drugs or over use of prescription drugs in high quantity in repeated manner. Researches show that consumption of them can have harmful effects on physical and mental health of the person. Body becomes dependent on these substances and overdose of them can prove fatal even. They can be injected into the body in various forms and ways. The problem of drug addiction has increased in the past few years and steps are been taken to create awareness among people and to educate them.

Drug Dependence:
People do not even realize when they become addicted to drugs. They get into drugs to experience them, get high, to escape from reality and many other personal and professional reasons. A percentage of these people turn into drug abusers. Once a person get addicted it is very hard to get rid of them. People depend on drugs to make them feel good and forget about their problems. At that moment they do not think about the life lasting, negative effects of them. Getting out of drugs requires a huge amount of determination and will power from the person. People who are dependent on them find it difficult to even do small, daily tasks.

Symptoms of abuse:
Symptoms and signs depend upon the type of drug been used by the person. Ever drug has different effects on physical and psychological health. Extensive use of drugs can change the way brain functions. The person may appear reluctant to socialize, agitated, depressed, deprived of sleep, etc. Withdrawal symptoms are common. Many drugs affect the organs of the body which spoils the health of the person. They are slow poison which kills the body, mentally as well as physically.Learn more about this at chronic relapse rehab.

When and how to seek medical help?
Drug abuse is classified as a disease or a disorder by the experts. People who have mild problem with drugs should immediately take medical help to prevent it from becoming an addiction. If you are think one of your family member or friend might be addicted, proper counseling is advised. Support of loved ones is very important. A number of rehabilitation centers have opened up which are helping people in quitting drugs and starting their life afresh. Addicted people do not realize the complexity and severity of the situation, but those around them should do their best to help them. Awareness about drugs, drug abuse, addiction, their symptoms and treatment will help everyone create a drug free society.